Sirona Live Personalized 1-on-1 Sessions are customized to your individual needs.  Maybe you are recovering from an injury, surgery or childbirth.  Or maybe you just like having the instructor’s undivided attention.  Whatever the reason, we make it easy for you to find and book your next 1-on-1 appointment.

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Virtual 1:1

virtual yoga

Personalized yoga instruction is great for those seeking to enhance their knowledge of the postures and perfect their alignment. Yoga sessions are tailored to fit the individual needs of clients and are adapted to meet any fitness level.

Yoga brings your body back to its natural state of balance. It is a union between the body and the mind and forms a connection and a feeling of wholeness. Yoga is not just physical, it is a state of mind that is carried throughout daily life. Yoga creates stronger, healthier bodies and minds, and helps us achieve strength and balance in all areas of our lives.

Virtual 1:1
Ayurvedic Counseling

ayurvedic counseling

Ayurvedic counseling can help you empower yourself on your own journey to physical, emotional and mental health! You DESERVE to feel good, happy and healthy.

Ayurveda 1:1 sessions focus on balancing your being: body, mind and spirit.  Each session builds on the next by focusing on the doshas, Ayurvedic tissues, subtle doshas, plus your ability to maintain vitality and digest impressions and food. Your symptoms of dis-ease will be monitored to track progress. 

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